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Adrienne Faricelli’s Brain Training for Dogs Review – Does It Still Work In 202111 min read

February 2, 2021 9 min read
Adrienne Faricelli’s Brain Training for Dogs Review – Does It Still Work In 2021

Adrienne Faricelli’s Brain Training for Dogs Review – Does It Still Work In 202111 min read

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Whether you’re seeking tips to tame a stubborn puppy or correct some of its bad habits, pet training can be a tough challenge. Statistically, less than 10% of proud owners care about their pets’ habits and behavior. Isn’t that a weighty reason to begin brushing up your furry friend’s behavior? The only downside is that the majority of training programs available online are built on force and rarely bring results.

In my Brain Training for Dogs review, I’m going to dig deep into the base of this pet-friendly program, highlighting its differences compared to other products.

Program TitleBrain Training for Dogs
AuthorAdrienne Faricelli
Money Back Guarantee60 Days
Official WebsiteClick Here

How Brain Training for Dogs Works

The overall benefits of the product revolve around the right attitude towards the four-legged buddy and the trust gradually gained while teaching. The main goal is to befriend the animal. Get ready to sacrifice a decent portion of patience prior to noticing any improvements in the pet’s manners. The progress can only be made by investing a lot of energy.

The course includes all sorts of exercises and puzzles with a gradual learning curve. There’s no time limit, so there’s no need to rush through all the games. Keep up a relaxed pace while the canine friend adapts to changes.

At the first stage, your task is to gain the pet’s trust using treats and other positive stimuli each time it successfully completes a task. Over time, thanks to loving and praising, the dog’s motivation will start raising as will its desire to learn new information.

Adrienne Faricelli’s Brain Training for Dogs Review – Does It Still Work In 2021

In a way, the guide is aimed both at you and the pooch. From developing a trusting relationship to mastering the first commands and gradually making the tasks harder and harder, you’ll walk a long path from an untamed four-legged disaster to the outstanding example of obedience.

The secret behind the effectiveness of this method is its simplicity. It doesn’t involve advanced techniques only available to pro canine whisperers. Rather, it mixes several time-tested tricks, combines them with positive reinforcement, and wraps all this into beginner-friendly guidelines.

About The Author – Adrienne Farricelli

Adrienne Faricelli’s Brain Training for Dogs Review – Does It Still Work In 2021
Adrienne Farricelli – Author of Brain Training For Dogs

Since the product is called Adrienne Farricelli’s Brain Training for Dogs, my review should include a few words about the person whose name is in the beginning. Those who aren’t new to pet training may already know Adrienne, a pro trainer with immense experience in her field. This product is the crowning achievement of her career. Pet owners all around the globe benefit from her techniques.

Adrienne Farricelli’s Training Philosophy

The base for her philosophy is kindness, deep knowledge, and a force-free approach. Her methods rely upon non-aggressive methods like rewards. In the end, you achieve harmony and make the animal trustier while keeping its mind and body healthy. The relationship built during the process will become the foundation for a successful course.

Adrienne made sure her product is equally effective regardless of the animal’s age, which means you can educate a puppy, an adult beast prone to disobedience, and even a senior pet. And in case you plan to try it, prepare for challenges.

The Best Dog Brain Training Games

The product offers 21 games that come with clear guides.

The Most Effective Brain Games

I’ve picked only the most entertaining ones. None of them involves punishment:

  • “Target Train.” This one trains eye focusing. Begin by practicing concentration on some item or toy.
  • “Eye Contact.” As you might’ve guessed, this game is aimed at eye contact, boosts communication, and trains proper behavior.
  • “Airplane.” Just like the previous one, this exercise should make the canine friend focus attention on you.
  • “Treasure Hunt.” A time-tested game that must cheer a lazy dog up and make its daily routine a bit brighter.
  • “Muffin.” It’s a brain challenging game that develops a winner’s attitude in the pooch.
  • “Jazz Up & Settle Down.” This one’s designed for building a relationship with your little pal and teaching it manners, so no more uncontrollable jumping.
  • “Bottle.” This game is mostly for making sure the furry one has something to do for a while.
  • “Shell.” This one is aimed at increasing the dog’s intelligence using its ability to recognize scents.
  • “Open Sesame.” Help the furry one master the skill of staying cool when a person walks through the front door.
  • “Hide & Seek.” This one increases the level of trust keeping the pooch and you together, effectively teaching it to stop worrying when it’s alone.
  • “Look.” With this game, the furry bandit will never bark at people again.
  • “Leg Weaving Skills.” This one will help to prepare the animal for mastering complex commands.
  • “Tidy up.” This is an advanced exercise aimed at teaching the pet to keep its place spick and span.
  • “Ring Stacker.” This one will make the pet control its behavior better.
Adrienne Faricelli’s Brain Training for Dogs Review – Does It Still Work In 2021

Growth Levels

The course comprises seven levels, each with its own exercises:

  1. This level’s pretty basic – showing the buddy how to react and concentrate on something, compensating for the lack of trust. Don’t skip it unless the four-legged student already has basic skills.
  2. The next task is to make the furry pal fulfill demands. So the games you must practice during this level are all focused on attracting attention to the owner.
  3. High School. Once this level is reached, proceed to practice self-control. The exercises will make the animal calmer and more restrained.
  4. You’re now ready to try something more advanced and begin developing motor skills.
  5. At this point, the pup should already know how to stay calm and obey. The task now is to boost emotional control.
  6. You’re entering the pro section of the guide. At this stage, keep improving the motor skills and make sure the furry friend performs all commands without hesitation.
  7. The dog is now a genius, and the skills it has acquired throughout the course could impress anyone.

Influence of Sweets and Toys

Sweets and treats are a crucial part of the program, as they help the animal feel like it’s part of a family. It also should have enough toys so that it doesn’t get upset when it’s all by itself. Treats are a perfect fit when planning games that involve searching. There’s a trick to keep the four-legged bandit entertained for quite a while by hiding something delicious in the backyard.

Other Well-Known Games for Dogs

  • There are also a handful of games to try out apart from the ones mentioned earlier:
  • “Ball Pit” lifts the pet’s mood and utilizes its mental capabilities.
  • “Bobbing for treats” encourages good behavior.
  • “Magic Carpet” will make the pooch stay calm in moments of excitement.
  • “Name Recognition.” This one teaches the little friend to recognize different items by their names.
Adrienne Faricelli’s Brain Training for Dogs Review – Does It Still Work In 2021

Bonuses in Behavior Training for Dogs

The product offers a few bonus materials also created by Adrienne Farricelli. My Brain Training for Dogs review will cover a few additional tips to tackle the pet’s bad behavior.

Advice for Combating Common Dog Behavioral Problems

With this bonus, you’ll learn the reasons behind such behavioral issues as whining, barking, digging, and more. The eBook even contains pictures to make sure nothing’s missed.

Useful Tips

This bonus offers extra advice for troubleshooting various issues in case there’s any snag during the process. Leave no chances for the pup to disobey.

The Effect of Positive Reinforcement Training

The whole Adrienne’s guide relies upon this approach, meaning that you use rewards as the opposite to force. This approach has several advantages.

Your Dog Will Be a Problem Solver

The furry friend will learn how to cope with basic tasks, like puzzle solving or something more practical, depending on your needs and desires.

Adrienne Faricelli’s Brain Training for Dogs Review – Does It Still Work In 2021

You’ll Have a Dog that Actively Takes Part in Training

When encouraging the animal instead of forcing it, it becomes more interested in training, which leads to better results and forms a bond between the owner and the pet.

Learning Is Accelerated Through Positive Reinforcement

Aggressive methods will never bring results as swiftly as pet-friendly training. Once you begin working on the pet’s behavior, the benefits will make themselves noticeable in no time.

Polishing Up Your Training

This is a great bonus to the program. Take advantage of it when the pup already knows all the commands and expects a sweet encouragement every time it follows it. The key task at this stage is to train the pup to obey without extra stimuli. Learn how to gradually remove snacks from the program and make the little buddy recognize hand signals.

Adrienne Faricelli’s Brain Training for Dogs Review – Does It Still Work In 2021

What You’ll Need to Follow Brain Training for Dogs

You’re going to need a couple of extra tools. The good news – you already have most of them at home. So don’t worry about unwanted expenses.

Let’s start with the essentials – food. You’d be surprised to know, but there’s a difference between various sorts of treats in force-free training. Small snacks that the pooch can chew in a second won’t work in some cases. The guide will explain what treats to use and when.

Don’t forget about a clicker. Actually, the program will advise using a verbal marker, but it would be much easier to start with a clicker, so get one if you haven’t already. It costs nothing, but its pros are truly priceless.

You might also need stuff like muffin tins and plastic bottles for exercises. And it would be wise to purchase a pointer and a stopwatch on hand.

What Needs Improving

Although Adrienne’s product is very effective, it’s not perfect. I’d be glad if she made a couple of improvements. For instance, the course includes several videos with examples of commands, and they’re quite educational. But the sound quality could be better. You still can hear everything Adrienne says, but sometimes it takes some effort.

Adrienne Faricelli’s Brain Training for Dogs Review – Does It Still Work In 2021

My Verdict on Brain Training for Dogs

So, what’s the word? The web is stuffed with all kinds of programs, trainer tips, and therapy sessions that have no impact on the animal, and yet people keep wasting money on them. I’ve seen my share of bad content, and the reason I picked this guide is that it’s cheap (only $47), beginner-friendly, and, more importantly, it works.

I’ve explained all the key aspects of the course and mentioned every level. Each level is already a milestone, and you can stop after completing one and never go further if you want. Need to adjust the pet’s manners? The first two levels would be enough. Want your furry friend to perform complex tricks? Spend more time and go all the way up to level 7.

Would I vouch for Brain Training for Dogs? This unique dog training course review was mostly focused on features, but as a pet owner who’s turned the whole guide upside down, I’d say the product is worth the cash and energy spent on it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Brain Training for Dogs Work?

The guide provided by Adrienne boosts the furry friend’s mental aptitude to change its behavior. Apart from that, you build a trusting relationship with it, which also makes the pet more receptive.

How Do Bonuses in Behavior Training for Dogs Work?

The bonuses tackle all the major bad habits and provide assistance in eradicating them for good. They've got a lot to tell. Have you heard that whining is an instinct aimed at attracting attention? The only option when making the four-legged friend stop doing it is to stay indifferent to it. Eventually, the animal understands that such behavior is bad.

Does Brain Training for Dogs Work?

If you struggle to teach the little buddy to stop jumping or digging constantly, this product will effectively address every problem possible without a behavior consultant. You may find tons of positive feedback surrounding the product that speaks for its quality.

Is There Money-Back Guarantee On Brain Training for Dogs?

Sure, you can get the funds back within sixty days. Loved the product? Keep it. Having issues? Get the money back. It’s a win-win option, though it’s unlikely that the product won’t be of any help.

What Will You Need to Follow Brain Training for Dogs?

There’s a short list of things you might need during training, which mostly includes all sorts of toys for raising interest. You’ll also need to buy something tasty, a pointer, and a stopwatch (feel free to use one on your smartphone).

Is Brain Training for Dogs Legit?

The guide is absolutely legit. It’s easy to master, delivers a sustainable result, and is distributed officially. Besides, the author will give the cash back in case something goes wrong.

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