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Dog Food Secrets by Andrew Lewis10 min read

February 4, 2021 8 min read
Dog Food Secrets by Andrew Lewis

Dog Food Secrets by Andrew Lewis10 min read

Reading Time: 8 minutes

Are you a thoughtful dog owner? Do you take the time to pick some high-quality food for your favorite pet? Well, in this case, the book by Andrew Lewis will come in handy. Dog Food Secrets gives every reader an insight into a dog’s “natural” diet and how to maintain it properly so that the animal stays healthy and energetic.

From now on, there is no need to browse the internet and gather information bit by bit. Everything is conveniently organized in one eBook. So, use the facts and spend more quality time with your pet.

Program TitleDog Food Secrets
AuthorAndrew Lewis
Money Back Guarantee60 Days
Official WebsiteClick Here

Latest Dog Food Secrets Review In 2021 – Is It A Scam?

The book exists to help dog owners maintain their dogs vital and healthy. They are based on real-life experience and proven facts. In brief, Dog Food Secrets from Andrew Lewis is like a manual with a unique program that guides through the commercial dog foods. It helps avoid unsuitable choices and pick the best foods for your furry friend. You’ll be able to select the healthiest options with excellent taste.

New Statistics About Commercial Dog Food Scam

Numerous animal-based studies show that nearly half of pet food lacks essential nutrition elements. They are grain-free. The lack of protein can poorly reflect on the pet’s health. Consequently, dogs that are eating the same commercial food lack a proper pet’s diet. It often leads to health issues and related problems.

You should also learn more about biotechnology and how it impacts the industry as well as whether it has any environmental impact.

About The Author – Andrew Lewis

Dog Food Secrets by Andrew Lewis
Andrew Lewis – Author of Dog Food Secrets

This Dog Food Secrets review wouldn’t be complete unless I talk about the author. So, the author is Andrew Lewis. He is a dog food nutritionist. Mr. Lewis has consulted numerous specialists and conducted numerous researches to gather this data into one profound book.

Moreover, he used simple language to explain all terms and facts so that every reader could understand the information.

One of the reasons this book appeared was the fact that Andrew lost his dog. It turned out that he was feeding the dog unhealthy foods despite all attempts to nourish it. Later he discovered the truth about dog food, its contents, production, etc., and decided to share the knowledge with the world.

Wide Range Of New Healthy Dog Food Recipes

The book focuses in detail on the dietary requirements for your dog. Moreover, it contains numerous recipes of homemade foods your dog will love. Get the most value and use both sections to keep your dog well-fed and healthy. This approach will extend the pet’s life for years.

For instance, there are many dog owners who stick to the raw meat diet. In fact, one should consult a specialist before doing it.

The book has many step-by-step recipes that aren’t only yummy but also bring numerous health benefits to your pet. Let’s take a quick look at some of them.

Cutesy Canine Cookies

All dogs like treats. In this eBook, you are sure to discover some tasty recipes for cookies like cutesy canine cookies, banana-nut canine cookies, etc. They won’t replace the meal but are helpful when you teach the dog new commands. Pets will be motivated to do your commands when they expect something as tasty as this.

Rambunctious Risotto

This kind of recipe was designed to become a complete meal that brings all nutrition elements in one simple dish. They won’t be hungry after it.

Chicken Hearts Deluxe

In case you are ready to spice things up and try something other than meat, you should explore recipes with chicken hearts. They contain some essential elements for a dog’s overall health.

Healthy Beef Brunch

If your budget allows, you can cook beef meals. The book has simple recipes that will teach you how to cook things properly every step of the way.

Carrot Crunch Canine Cookies

Such homemade cookies can be a perfect treat for some dogs. Very often dogs don’t like eating vegetables. However, they are essential for their health. Making delicious treats with them can do the trick.

Dog Food Secrets by Andrew Lewis

How To Choose The Best Brand Of Commercial Dog Food

If you read the book attentively, you’ll find out the main secrets of choosing high-quality dog foods. They help avoid shady food secrets in the dog food industry. So, there are five main aspects you should account for before the purchase. They start from reading the label to using special online tools.

Read The Label

It’s one of the most significant steps after choosing the flavor. Forget about the ads. Be attentive when looking through the ingredient list, warnings, expiration dates, etc. If your vet has certain reservations, you should look for special marks on the package, too.

Look Into Dog Food Recalls

If the label doesn’t tell you enough, you can always use the Internet and discover all the needed information. For instance, visit Dog Food Recalls and study the reviews of most dog foods in the States.

Get Curious About Freshness

As it was briefly mentioned, you should pay attention to the expiration date. However, the manufacturing date is equally important. If one can store dog foods for several years, it’s likely the food will bring no health. Natural ingredients need to be fresh.

Look At The “Recipe” – What’s Included & What’s Missing?

If your dog already has a diet, it’s better to be attentive when reading the recipe. It’ll give you an insight into the food by showing you the needed steps. The recipe must include all the steps described in the book, otherwise, it could be dangerous for the pet.

Use The Dog Food Comparison Tool

If you feel at a loss, overwhelmed by the selection of options, you might want to consider comparing products with special online tools. They will reflect the main fact about each product taking into account different aspects. In one table, you’ll see everything conveniently organized. It’ll be easier to choose the best foods.

Dog Food Secrets by Andrew Lewis

What Will You Find Inside Dog Food Secrets System?

As soon as you open the file for the first time, you’ll discover a lot of things. There will be answers to questions you often ask yourself and to those you never thought about. Besides, the eBook tells you everything about the nutrition requirements for your specific dog breed, depending on numerous factors like age, activity, etc. Additionally, there’ll be a separate chapter on making healthy dog meals yourself.

How To Make Easy Healthy Meals

You should always have an alternative in mind. That’s the secret you must know. However, it’s not the only one. There are many essential steps in dog food preparation you didn’t know. This chapter thoroughly reviews them and explains each step.

Supplements Of Dog Food Secrets

The book draws attention to the ingredients used in dog foods. The recipe must contain only healthy and high-quality ingredients. The book also doesn’t recommend changing recipes. There are many dog owners who add supplements directly to the food. However, one shouldn’t do it. There are two possible solutions here.

Invest In The Best Brand Of Commercial Dog Food

If your dog has certain dietary requirements and has to take supplements, you might think about purchasing the best brand of dog food. Keep in mind that it’s often expensive. However, trusted brands use only natural ingredients and use proper procedures while adding the supplements your dog needs.

If You Can’t Afford It, Consider Supplements After That

In case the first solution is out of your budget, you should purchase supplements. In this case, it’s better to follow the book’s instructions on how to give them to your pet. You might not need to mix them with food at all.

Dog Food Secrets by Andrew Lewis

Pros And Cons

When it comes to making a decision, the list of pros and cons often helps. It eliminates the questions like “Is dog food secrets a scam?” and provides all significant facts in one convenient comparison.

The advantages of the book include:

A possibility to discover a way to improve your dog’s health;

  • A list of healthy meals with their step-by-step instructions;
  • The book is very convenient as it gathers everything regarding nutrition in one place;
  • One can read the eBook on any device and at any time;
  • One may learn everything about dog feeding;
  • It frees more time for quality time with your pet;
  • The dog with a healthy diet has a longer lifespan;
  • It’s easy to learn everything about probiotics, prebiotics, and vitamins your pet requires;
  • Avoiding bad dog food and keeping up with the nutrition reduces the need to turn to a vet;
  • One may learn how food can harm the dog and avoid it
  • A 60-day money-back guarantee.

The disadvantages are:

  • If you prefer reading paper books, you’ll have to use a printer and get a copy printed for you.

It’s impossible to find any disadvantages to this book because it relies on years of personal experience and research. It exposes all secrets and helps dog owners be better at taking care of the pet.

Dog Food Secrets by Andrew Lewis

My Verdict On Dog Food Secrets

Are you looking for the best-kept secrets to dog food on a budget? You can stop now. This eBook is everything you need and even more. It contains tons of helpful materials and healthy recipes that help your dog stay healthy, energetic, and live longer.

Taking into account all the information above, it gets obvious that this book is a must for all dog lovers who wish to be more attentive at dog feeding. It’s an essential part of the routine that can always be improved.

Stop trusting the ads that show dogs ignoring home-made meals. It’s just a gimmick. If you follow the steps provided in the book, you’ll see that cooking tasty meals for dogs is easy. And your pet is sure to like them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dog Food Secrets Legit?

Dog Food Secret is an eBook written by Andrew Lewis. It is dedicated to dog feeding. The book uncovers numerous secrets related to nutrition. They help your pet stay healthy, active, and energetic.

How To Choose The Best Brand Of Commercial Dog Food?

There are many factors you should take into account. First of all, it’s essential the ingredients are of high quality. Secondly, they should meet your dog’s diet needs. Finally, dog food should contain only 2-3 ingredients (one of them is meat) and have no chemical preservatives.

What Will You Find Inside Dog Food Secrets System?

The book brings up many issues most pet owners face when they feed their dogs. It turns out that most people don’t know enough about the dog’s diet to keep the pet healthy. The book explains everything in detail and provides many easy recipes, too.

How To Make Easily Healthy Meals For Dogs?

After you choose the recipe that suits your dog’s dietary needs, you should stick to the step-by-step instruction. Andrew Lewis’s book has numerous options to choose from and a simple cooking process that even inexperienced cooks can handle.

What Are The Best Recipes Of New Healthy Dog Food?

Dog Food Secrets is a book that explores the variety of dog foods and gathers the best recipes for your dog. Keep in mind that a lot depends on the breed, age, and other dog’s parameters. Nevertheless, you are sure to discover some amazing options your pet will like.

Is There Money-Back Guarantee On Dog Food Secrets?

Yes. The author offers a 60-day money-back guarantee on the purchase. This period begins immediately after the purchase. If the book doesn’t meet your expectations, you can request a refund.

Dog Food Secrets– Scam Or Not?

Dog Food Secrets is legit. The book is dedicated to dog feeding. It uncovers numerous secrets and helps dog owners choose better food for their pets.

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