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Smart Solar Box Review – Reveal the Truth10 min read

February 2, 2021 8 min read
Smart Solar Box Review – Reveal the Truth

Smart Solar Box Review – Reveal the Truth10 min read

Reading Time: 8 minutes

Looking at the electricity bill has never been so painful as in the last three months. After having energy prices go up, it was clear that our family needs a new solution. At first, we considered buying a generator, but fuel prices made me turn to alternative energy sources. After a short time in Google, I have stumbled upon The Smart Solar Box program and decided to try it out. The details about this guide are what you will read in this review.

Program TitleSmart Solar Box
AuthorRyan Tanner
Money Back Guarantee60 Days
Official WebsiteClick Here

What Is Smart Solar Box All About?

The Smart Solar Box is an eBook about creating your own reliable power source from solar panels, car batteries, and a bunch of small stuff in order to gain power independence, secure yourself from blackouts during natural disasters, and to cut your electricity bills in half.

The package contains a guide in pdf format along with comprehensive videos and blueprints. Together they will allow you to construct Smart Solar Box relatively fast. The program is easily scalable, which means that you have to pay for the info only once. After that, you will know everything about how to build the Small Solar Box. This means you can make as many “energy bunkers” as you wish in order to sustain power for your house. One fully charged box can give from 18 to 21 work hours without any need for a messy generator. The Smart Solar Box gains energy from solar panels and is an absolutely zero-waste thing – you will not harm the environment running it.

Who Created This EBook?

Smart Solar Box Review – Reveal the Truth
Ryan Tanner – Author of Smart Solar Box

The creator of The Smart Solar Box eBook is mechanic Ryan Tanner from Milwaukee. But the initial author of this invention is his father.

After Ryan’s dad died, the family decided to sell his cabin in the mountains. When they were there to make the final preparations for the sale, the cabin was struck by the blizzard. A couple of miles around there was no single light. But their cabin had the power on in this blackout.

In the old workshop of his father, Ryan has found a couple of boxed batteries that seem to be sustaining the whole cabin with electricity. That day his father saved several people from freezing by creating the thing that Ryan named the Smart Solar Box.

After this incident, it took Ryan a year to understand ins and outs of those systems. After doing so, Ryan wrote a book about The Smart Solar Box, where he described the system and provided his readers with all the info needed (and even more) to DIY this device with minimum knowledge in electricity.

How To Build A Smart Solar Box?

In order to build a Smart Solar Box, you won’t need any deep knowledge of wiring or electricity. Also, even if you are a programmer, a manager, or designer and you are not used to working with your hands much, Smart Solar Box is a product for you. You will need some simple instruments like a screwdriver, a hammer, and wire cutters – the complete list is in the book itself.

You will need to spend only approximately $200 for building one device. You will need solar panels, a car battery (used ones also fit, so if you have some spare in your garage – you can save some money here), a power inverter, and some more spare parts – the full list is in the eBook. Also, you will need an actual box to fit in your Smart Solar Box.

All the detailed info on creating the Smart Solar Box is in the manual, with blueprints and explanatory videos.

What You Will Learn With This Ebook

The Smart Solar Box eBook offers you several benefits, both psychological and financial. It will make you not only pay less but also feel safer.

Smart Solar Box Review – Reveal the Truth

How To Become The Boss Of Your Home’s Energy

When you use a Smart Solar Box, you won’t waste any energy. Your electricity bill will please you, as well as the sense of having everything tackled when it comes to powering your place.

How To Design, Solder, And Combine The Solar Box

It may seem at first that building a Smart Solar Box from scratch is difficult, but in fact, it is quite contrary. With this program, you can make as many Smart Solar Boxes as you want or need with minimal expenses.

How To Build Solar Modules

Building your own solar modules has never been so easy. Tanner makes clear and detailed instructions on all the aspects of assembling, mounting, and maintaining your own solar battery.

How To Manage Own Electricity

Ryan Tanner explains in his guide that the future of your power management lies with solar energy. This book gives you the way to become more independent from the problems with the traditional electricity sources.

Main Content Of Smart Solar Box

After purchasing The Smart Solar Box program, you will get access to the eBook. It is relatively short so you would not have to read a large tome of theory in order to get to the point and make your device running. The manual consists of several parts.

Smart Solar Box Review – Reveal the Truth
Smart Solar Box – Table of Contents


Here Ryan Tanner explains some basic principles of electricity, putting a focus on using solar energy. You will learn the fundamentals of the process of converting solar power into electric. Ryan also makes here some minor technical references.

Tools And Components

After the theoretical prelude comes the part where the author describes, what you will need to construct your own Smart Solar Box. He covers the tools in the first chapter of this part, leaving the second to the components you need in order to get things started.

Starting The Building Process

You have gathered all the tools and spare parts you need – now it’s time for some work. This chapter of the eBook tells you how to assemble your solar panels to get the maximum power output from them. Then Ryan Tanner writes about preparing your box to fit the device, as well as how to wire everything up. At the end of the chapter, the author makes a quick recap of the process, so you can use it along the way of assembling your Smart Solar Box.

Testing Device

For the last chapter, Tanner kept the info on testing and using your newly made Smart Solar Box. He explained how you can find out if your box works using a multi-meter and other devices like that. He also includes a list of places where you can buy components and tools for creating a new box.

Smart Solar Box Review – Reveal the Truth

Bonus Information Guides

The Smart Solar Box can be an uncut gem of itself, but the creator went even further. In addition to the eBook, you will get a couple of materials on green energy.

The first and foremost will be the info about Creating Your Own Solar Panels. This bonus part of the book will provide you with details of making your own solar panels, assembling them, and calculating the power of your system. Although this part of the manual is a bit more complex than the main part, if you managed to go through it the knowledge you obtain will help you to trim your energy bill not only by 68% but even to a spectacular 80%. As they say, when you start saving money on bills, it’s hard to make yourself stop doing it.

Second, in his book Ryan Tanner is breaking the most common myths about the use of green energy, be it solar or wind power. After reading the bonus materials of The Smart Solar Box, you will get a good overall knowledge of reliable and non-hazard to the environment power sources. Using this knowledge, of course, is up to you.

Last but not least would be the bonus part of the book containing info on using wind energy, installing and maintaining your own wind power generator system. Ryan explains how to pick the right spot for a wind turbine, gives a basic knowledge of different generators and batteries and of building your own wind turbine, with a tower or without it.

Other Features Of Smart Solar Box

The Smart Solar Box charges you only $39.69 for an entire program.

The bonuses alone are worth maybe the same money as The Smart Solar Box, but you will get them for free. With the knowledge in this manual, a bit of work, and some cheap components you will become almost completely energy independent and will be able to charge your house devices (fridge, freezer, phones, AC) and keep your place lighted and warm in any circumstances.

Smart Solar Box Review – Reveal the Truth

Pros & Cons

As with any product on the web, Smart Solar Box has its advantages and disadvantages. Here is the list.


  • You can save a huge chunk of money on your electricity bills (from 68% to 80%).
  • Smart Solar Box utilizes “green energy” and makes zero waste and pollution to the environment.
  • It is small and portable, you can fit it into your car’s trunk.
  • To maintain The Smart Solar Box you will need only to clean the solar panels occasionally.
  • You become more independent from electricity companies.
  • You’ve got your back covered in case of a blackout or a natural disaster.
  • If you buy the program once, you can replicate as many devices as you want.
  • To construct one Smart Solar Box you will need only $200 and 4 hours of actual work.
  • You have a 60-days money-back guarantee.


  • The program is digital only, so some may find it a drawback.

My Final Thoughts On Smart Solar Box

After reading the Smart Solar Box eBook and making it on my own, I can say that everything you read in other reviews is true. It helped me to save 70% on my latest bill. The devices are portable and easy to maintain. I can definitely recommend this to anyone struggling with the power companies for their money. It is a wise investment in your energetic independence, and you will be thankful to yourself after you give this technology a try.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Smart Solar Box Work?

It may seem strange, but it does. Ryan Tanner’s father somehow found the way to get solar panels to make twice more electricity, which can be life-saving in the dire circumstances of natural disasters and sudden blackouts.

How To Build A Smart Solar Box?

You will need solar panels, a car battery, a charge controller with USB-ports, a power inverter, and a box to contain the device. The detailed description and blueprints are in The Smart Solar Box eBook.

Who Created The Smart Solar Box?

The initial creator of the Smart Solar box was Ryan Tanner’s father. After his demise, Ryan discovered his invention and made The Smart Solar Box program out of it.

Why Should You Buy The Smart Solar Box?

It’s a go-to way to build and sustain a relatively small system based on solar panels and a car battery. It’s compact, simple enough to make and you’ll not waste a bit of energy with it.

Is There Money-back Guarantee On Smart Solar Box?

There is a 60-day money-back guarantee on The Smart Solar Box program. If approximately 2 months after purchasing the product you ended up not liking it, contact the seller and you can get a refund.

Is Smart Solar Box Worth Your Money And Effort?

For a mere 4 hours of work and around $200 of spare parts, you can learn to produce an easily scalable reliable power source. It can get you from 68 to up to 80% of savings on your electricity bills.

Is Smart Solar Box Legit Or A Scam?

More than 17 thousand American families have already purchased The Smart Solar Box program. This eBook has a lot of positive reviews. This, plus a money-back guarantee, shows us that The Smart Solar Box is totally legit and not some sort of scam.

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