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Woodworkers Treasure Chest Review – Does It Work Or Scam?10 min read

February 1, 2021 8 min read
Woodworkers Treasure Chest Review – Does It Work Or Scam?

Woodworkers Treasure Chest Review – Does It Work Or Scam?10 min read

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Was there a moment when you desired to build a wooden piece of furniture, but you were not skillful enough and too afraid to fail? Have you ever been unsatisfied with your works? If you nod hearing this, you are likely in want of receiving an exemplar of the Woodworking Treasure Chest (WTC for short) program by Saw Dust Addict. It has been specially designated for helping craftsmen to take wood processing works to another rate, without distinction of their skills.

With the assistance of the WTC framework, you’ll become capable of building any woodwork without conducting additional exploration or seeking for woodwork schemes. But is this statement actually true?

Today, in the WTC software review I will take a detailed look at it with its benefits and drawbacks so that you find out all the needed aspects before buying it. But let’s begin with the very basic question.

Program TitleWoodworker's Treasure Chest
AuthorCrispin Thomas
Money Back Guarantee60 Days
Official WebsiteClick Here

What Is a Woodworkers Treasure Chest?

Woodworkers Treasure Chest is a special framework for woodworkers that renders assistance to organize all stages of your wood processing tasks and avoid skipping essential steps and/or making fund-losing and chronophages missteps. The course explains the overall crafting process, beginning with the moment you have designs on the construction and ending with bringing to a head all its steps.

In comparison with other software found online that only offers you downloadable wood processing drafts, WTC is distinct in covering every aspect you should know for conducting the project you want. The framework’s core module, called Project Wizard, explains the following:

    • Ways of opting for drafts and materials properly;
    • How to select carpentry joints;
    • What kind of arrangements you need;
    • Ways of adjusting the form and size of your woodwork;
    • What kind of complete actions your construction demands.

Besides, the framework has a lot of drafts and associated variants to select from. Beyond that, you can save your favorite wood processing drafts for the future use and actually display them on a printer.

The Creator Of Woodworkers Treasure Chest

Woodworkers Treasure Chest Review – Does It Work Or Scam?
Crispin Thomas – Author of Woodworker’s Treasure Chest

The series author’s name is Crispin Thomas. Wood processing has been a part of his living for long stretches. At some unforeseen point, he blundered upon the key secret for becoming successful at woodworking. Crispin struggled and practiced a lot to gain skills. After decades of learning the ropes, he has finished the series on woodwork. Beyond that point, Crispin began to teach beginners how to become good at woodworking. With his course, even an amateur could turn into a skilled specialist at the earliest moment.

How Much Does Woodworkers Treasure Chest Cost?

In the actual circumstances, WTC itself costs 97 dollars. The fee implies the perpetual fellowship and admittance to every part and file (teaching videos, additional guidebooks, etc.). Fortunately, Thomas is suggesting a trade that is hard to declare off. Now, you can purchase the full woodworker’s course for 27 dollars. You will receive not only the main course but also all the additional guides.

What’s Inside The Woodworkers Treasure Chest?

Step-by-step Instructions

The software provides you with manual videos made by experienced professionals who explain every little detail. It is the most straightforward way to develop your skills. You will not have to search for any additional questions online. All the videos are self-explanatory.

3D Drawings

The framework entails the interactive tridimensional drafts feature so that you do not need to install additional software. This allows you to create more sophisticated projects by applying this part of the program.

Every tridimensional image in the WTC is in-motion and can be viewed at any angle. Besides, you can scale up the image by moving the mouse pointing device over it. Thus, you can see how your woodwork construction would look like at the end before you actually start building it.

Database Of Thousands Of Different Plans

This part offers various step-through drafts, workshop and craft plans rich in details, interactive tridimensional models, unusual designs, varicolored schematic drawings, and a lot more. You can preview each blueprint right in the knowledgebase, so you do not need to waste time downloading hundreds of drafts and then giving preference to just the only one.

Woodworkers Treasure Chest Review – Does It Work Or Scam?

Woodworkers Project Wizard App

Personally, I consider this particular option of the WTC software to be the most substantial one. Like the directing center, it links to all other software options and connects them. The Project Wizard application will lead you on every step of your wood processing project right from the start-up to the end.

Woodworking Apps

The Project Wizard application has been already discussed in the previous paragraph. Other apps, which WTC offers, replicate an 8-meter slide rule with both a system of imperial measures (feet, inches, fractions) on one dial and metrical measures on the other one (m, cm, mm). These applications are quite useful for accurate measuring of the wooden parts.

Access To The Exclusive Woodworking Group

The last interesting thing about Woodworkers Treasure Chest is its own community on Facebook. This online group connects people of the same opinion and makes you feel up your alley. You can interchange views, ideas, and thoughts, and also get pieces of advice from more experienced members.

Woodworkers Treasure Chest Review – Does It Work Or Scam?

What You Learn With Woodworkers Treasure Chest

How To Use Tools Properly

In this part, you will know how to select good woodworking tools while buying, how to use them properly and ensure a safe working place while conducting your project.

Techniques And Methods For Selecting The Right Plan

In the WTC framework, you can decide on parameters like the material you are going to use, the kind of wood joints, the desirable size of the construction, and so on. Such a selecting process helps you to pick the perfect draft for your needs.

Woodworkers Treasure Chest Review – Does It Work Or Scam?

Tips On Choosing Materials

There is a thorough wood knowledgebase of more than 100 wood types so that you are able to clearly understand the benefits and drawbacks of each kind of wood before you buy something.

Selecting The Right Wood Joints

Viewing the drafts, you can read the information about the joints that are suitable for a certain project. This feature also teaches how to create good-looking carpentry joints and redone them, in case you have failed at the first time.

Woodworkers Treasure Chest Review – Does It Work Or Scam?

Choosing The Best Finishes

This section is basically about the complete actions you need to perform to finish a wooden project. Remember that different constructions require different finishes.

How Does The Program Work?

This is a user-friendly program that should not give you any trouble. It has been created for those who do not know anything about wood processing but want to make it their hobby or even occupation.

With the WTC software, the only thing you have to do is basically to read and carry out the instructions. As it contains thousands of plans and step-by-step manual videos, so you do not have to be a truly competent person to create something beautiful.

At this point, I consider WTC to be a trusted and experienced mentor that acts as your guide during the whole project.

Woodworkers Treasure Chest Review – Does It Work Or Scam?

Woodworkers Treasure Chest Bonus Guides

In addition to all the drafts and digitized plans, Crispin Thomas also offers you seven more guidebooks that are out to make you more skillful at woodworking. These bonus guides come in the form of PDF files that you can easily download and read on your smartphone, laptop or PC.

The Essentials Of Wood Finishing And Refinishing

In this eBook, you will find worthwhile pieces of advice and techniques from the masters. You will learn how to assemble your kit, return a piece of furniture back to the whitewood, and then apply a good finish.

Definitive Guide To Woodturning Essentials

This eBook contains over 80 many-colored pictured pages on topics like:

  • How to create pieces of furniture and interior that would amaze your neighboring people and family members;
  • Turning woodworking into your main hobby;
  • How to create beautiful wood processing projects with just foundational skills and an easy-to-use toolkit.
Woodworkers Treasure Chest Review – Does It Work Or Scam?

Designing And Building Cabinets

Designing and Building Cabinets PDF file contains over 140 pages (half of them is colored) of fully pictured articles that cover the basics of design and construction in understandable words. As expected, the main subjects of discussion are drawers, doors, and cabinets.

Furniture And Cabinet Construction

This download explains the basics that have been discussed before and also illustrates how to assemble different constructions.

The Art Of Woodworking

The Art of Woodworking is basically a guideline for any woodworker. It covers topics like wood carving, purfling, cabinetmaking, measuring and laying-off, sizing, assembling and completing and a lot more. Put it otherwise, it is about the foundational skills that any craftsman should know.

The 10 Most Common Woodworking Mistakes

The eBook specifies the top ten mistakes that newbies and professionals make and teaches how to fix them without much of a hassle.

Essential Guide To Routers

This 90-page download is about how to use your molding machine like a skilled craftsman. Also, with the eBook, you can build a router table for less than $50 and learn how to maintain it.

Woodworkers Treasure Chest Review – Does It Work Or Scam?

In Case You Don’t Like The Woodworkers Treasure Chest

Return Policy and Money-Back Guarantee

WTC comes with a sixty-day repayment guarantee. If you do not consider the Woodworker’s Treasure Chest software and additional guides to suit all your needs, within 60 days you can just email the manufacturer and get a full refund. The repayment process is usually conducted within one working day (sometimes, even later in the day).

The big plus is that you can keep all the course bonuses and woodworking drafts you have already downloaded.

Pros And Cons Of Woodworkers Treasure Chest

The WTC software advantages are as follows:

  • the program contains a step-through manual that is accessible, regardless of your wood processing experience;
  • preview option (you do not need to download all the blueprints);
  • around-the-clock support;
  • a sixty-day refund warrant;
  • the program includes drafts and schematic drawings in full colors.

However, everything can’t be so perfect, right? The only disadvantage of the WTC program is that it’s online-based, and this can be problematic for those who do not have a reliable Internet provider.

Woodworkers Treasure Chest Review Final Thoughts

I truly believe there is no way Woodworkers Treasure Chest could cause troubles to you. It is detailed, accessible, and created in such a manner that you can dedicate all your time to the hobby.

With all its advantages, the WTC program is markworthy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Woodworkers Treasure Chest Legit?

Yes! As a rule, a great part of software cast in the same mould is a real fraud. Such projects provide drafts which you may find and download for free on the web, but they do not explain what to do during certain steps. As distinguished from them, the WTC framework actually works and gives you all the needed details to guide you through all the project steps.

Is The Woodworkers Treasure Chest Worth Its Money?

By contrast with other projects that can be found online, WTC is truly the best option. You do not need to waste time on supernumerary investigation to conduct certain steps. With no doubt, the WTC framework has absolutely everything you may need, except the toolkit, of course. So, yes, it is worth its money!

Is There Money-back Guarantee With Woodworkers Treasure Chest?

Yes, there is a sixty-day full repayment warrant. If you do not like something about the product, you can email the support team and get your investment back. You will not be bothered with any additional questions. The refund process is conducted within one working day, as a rule.

Woodworkers Treasure Chest – Scam Or Not?

Based on users’ comments and responses about the program, it is abundantly clear that Woodworkers Treasure Chest is not a scam, and it actually operates properly. All the bonuses and software components are legit.

What Do I Learn With Woodworkers Treasure Chest?

Personally, with the WTC course, I’ve learnt the process of planning of the entire project beforehand, how to execute a desirable construction properly and which materials are suitable for a certain construction. What is more, now I’m able to repair almost all the breakages at home myself without calling a specialist.

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